Aaron Kotler August 5, 2022

President Emeritus, BMG

"Our team worked with Stearns Associates on millions of square feet of development, in many projects, over the past two decades. Stearns Associates combines the highest professional skill along with intuitive understanding of development. We worked with Stearns on large-scale projects such as our 3 million square foot Cedarbridge mixed-use development, redevelopment, and urban infill sites. Each project they designed for us met the highest standards of optimal land usage, practicality, economy, and aesthetic beauty - and was buildable. We are proud of our relationship with Tom and his team, and continue to work with them on office, residential, and retail projects. "
John Conroy August 5, 2022

Managing Principal

"Most of my 30-year carrier as an architect, I have had the pleasure to collaborate with Tom Stearns, first at Hillier Architecture and then when he opened his doors at Stearns Associates. Tom’s wealth of knowledge on planning projects, especially in New Jersey is invaluable where there is unmountable hurdles one must climb to reach planning approvals. Tom cuts to the chase and quickly gets to a successful end result, which helps keep your consultant team cost effective during any land use approvals process. Stearns Associates compliments their skill as planners with a library of knowledge and expertise in the field of landscape architecture to form a valuable partnership with any architecture or civil engineering firm. So when putting your next project and / or design team together, I highly recommend your first call is to Stearns Associates. John Conroy Princeton Design Collaborative Managing Principal & Founder "
Gary Schotland August 5, 2022


"Since 2015 I've worked on two projects with Tom in a local historic district: a change of use for a space from commercial to residential, and very recently the conversion of an office building to apartments. The latter was a very tight and challenging site with lots of constraints as well as historic structures. Tom's experience, expertise, creativity and ability to have straightforward conversations with the local planning officials helped get these projects approved. As an owner I've found him to be easygoing and great to work with. He's always full engaged, responsive, well prepared for hearings, detail oriented and a team player. Highly recommended."