Landscape Planning For Multi-Family Properties in New Jersey

Demand is growing for high-quality outdoor amenity spaces that celebrate the beauty of nature. Stearns Associates, LLC understands just how important green spaces are to the quality of life of residents. As a leading provider of landscape architect services in New Jersey, we’ve designed compelling spaces that foster meaningful social and physical connections among residents and the natural world around them.

Landscape Architecture and Land Planning for Multi-Family Properties

Mixed-use and multi-family projects are becoming more and more complex, in their planning, design and construction, which means an innovative approach to land planning, landscape architecture and urban design is essential. More than ever, developers and residents alike are appreciating the value of green spaces and landscape amenities, especially in properties that feature higher densities and smaller units. We are experienced in a diverse range of residential types.

  • Single Family
  • Small Lot Single Family
  • Duplexes
  • Stacked Townhouses
  • Townhouse Condos and Lots
  • Apartments
  • Mixed Use
  • Recreational Amenities

Sustainable Design Elements

We have experience with sustainable design, and examples of our work can be found throughout the state. We have extensive experience in planning, design and approvals of multi-family housing communities of all sizes, creating spaces that not only reflect a commitment to sustainability and to the beauty of nature, but also promote social interaction and enhancing people’s lives.

Project Design and Management

Whether you want to include a green roof, outdoor dining space, courtyard or any other green feature in your development, we offer excellence in planning and design from start to finish. We are experienced in complex approvals for multi-family projects.

We work with our clients throughout every step of the process, focusing on adding both beauty and value to your multi-family project. Our expert approach to the design of outdoor amenities gives developers a competitive advantage. From people places to recreation areas and entry features, we design spaces to work, play, socialize or find solitude.

Vibrant, Livable and Sustainable Multi-Family Communities

Stearns Associates, LLC understands how much a well-designed green space contributes to the health and wellbeing of every multi-family property. From land planning to planting, lighting, hardscape and more, we offer our abilities in landscaping design with an eye for improving the everyday lives of residents. Call us today at 609-397-1880 to discuss the details of your project with us.