Landscape Planning For Healthcare Facilities in New Jersey

At Stearns Associates, LLC, we believe that nature has a powerful way of healing bodies and souls. As a landscape architect and land planner in New Jersey, we specialize in creating vibrant, dynamic landscapes for healthcare facilities of all shapes and sizes. We know these are places people come to heal, and we integrate natural elements that create comfort, relaxation, tranquility and optimism on the road to recovery.

Landscape Architecture for Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to healthcare landscape architecture, research shows that attractive landscapes not only improve patient satisfaction and healing, but they also help hospitals attract skilled talent. Since 2004, we have worked on significant healthcare projects, creating better places to heal and rejuvenate. From healing garden planning to hospital landscape design, we add color, texture and beauty to new buildings and existing facilities alike. We are experienced in a diverse range of healthcare project types.

  • Hospitals
  • Cancer Research
  • Behavioral Health
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Children’s Health Facilities
  • Wellness Centers

Integrated and Sustainable Designs

We have experience providing planning and design services for a wide range of projects throughout New Jersey. Our planning and design process melds art and science to enhance culture, foster community and inspire healing, all while minimizing environmental impact. We believe that the landscape not only offers the perfect finishing touch for every project, creating stories that foster a unique sense of place.

We Welcome Projects of All Sizes

Whether you’re ready to plan a lush, inviting rooftop garden or you need the help of a professional landscape architect to design a sprawling hospital campus, we partner with you throughout every step of the planning process. We’re always looking for insight as to what makes a site special to our clients, how the space will be used and how our designs can account for long-term sustainability and functionality.

Landscape Architecture to Inspire Healing

Stearns Associates, LLC LLC believes that good landscape design doesn’t just complete a built environment, but also transform it into a space for reflection, relaxation and—most importantly—healing. We’d love to discuss the details of your project with you—give us a call today at 609-397-1880.